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Andrew Jonathan Wallerstein

Andrew Jonathan Wallerstein has over 16 years experience designing Web sites, designed and programmed his first Web portals before the Internet’s first appearance in the Science Section of the New York Times. He specializes in information graphics for forensic applications as well as UI design for applications, large information systems, and Web sites, and was one of the first professional Web designers in the United States.

After taking a seven hiatus as a contractor in the private intelligence industry, he returned to visualization and design, focusing on information design, UI and usability consulting, and forensic graphics including animation, maps, photo-manipulation, and scene recreations spanning a wide range of industries and disciplines. A renaissance man and indispensable asset in any endeavor, he currently lives in New York City with his Labrador, Pickles, where he continues to consult, lecture, and design world-class information graphics and Web sites.

Andrew is a new media consultant, information designer, and one of the original Web designers in the United States. His work has been featured in periodicals from Macworld to the Wall Street Journal, and he lives in New York City, specializing in corporate and institutional information systems and design projects, creating award-winning print and Web designs, and lecturing on information graphics. He has worked or consulted with giants in virtually every field, including BMG, PR Newswire, the NFL, and Prudential Douglas Elliman. Software qualifications include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Flash, and the Microsoft Office suite of applications on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

His CV is available for download here, and is also available on LinkedIn.

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