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Interdisciplinary Influences [design]

I’m reminded of one of my professors at Vassar, and his rants about what a “true” liberal arts education meant. He himself was an archaeologist, an anthropologist, a geologist, an art historian, and I’m pretty sure he held degrees in many other things besides. Sort of our own Indiana Jones. He claimed that he would never have made a good archaeologist without his knowledge of anthropology, , geology, etc. And the same went for the other disciplines: you were a more capable and well-rounded art historian, or artist, the more you knew of anthropology and geology. And so on.

Point is, I thought he was right then, and I think he’s still correct today. In an era of specialization, when fields of endeavor have become so complex that one can’t focus on but the tiniest niche… He or she who has the broader experience has a great advantage.

Take our work. Studying film directly impacts one’s ability to animate on the Web. Studying geography makes one a better cartographer. Studying architecture and even classical history will make you a better 3-D modeler.

You get the point. Just keep reading, keep learning, and for God’s sake keep broadening your horizons! It’s the ones with the narrow you views you have to watch out for 😉

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