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The Lowly Presentation [information design]

Why, oh why has the PowerPoint and Keynote presentation been relegated to the bottom of the barrel? Forever maligned as the lowliest of tasks? Few art generated on a computer is quite as useful… though there are many of you out there who would argue that point. And I’m the first to admit, most of ’em aren’t terribly pretty to look at. In fact most are downright awful. But with the advent of nifty new tools like Apple’s Keynote, clipart and canned transitions may soon be a thing of the past.

The fact is, the people who design presentations work hard and get their balls busted all the time for not being “real” designers when they’re designing more information in a day than I have in the last month. So maybe some of them need a little help with the beautification process. Big deal. Bottom line? It’s Usable Art. And it pays the bills when the economy’s in the tank. Think about it.

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