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Art From Beyond the Grave [illustration]

It is the lucky artist who achieves great levels of productivity and fame during his or her own lifetime. A slightly less lucky few achieve fame after their deaths. But precious few are able to remain productive from beyond the grave.

Seems imposible, no? But there are, in fact, a handful of greats who have transcended death, and reached out to create new work long after they’ve passed. Take Andy Warhol, for example. A casual look at merchandising around the world might lead one to believe that his famed New York City “Factory” is still alive, well, and churning out pop art by the truckload. Of course it’s not, but Warhol’s influence and his mass-produced, factory-art tradition has insured that we see new work almost daily.

Take the Alien Workshop skateboard decks, above. They may not have come from the Factory, but I’m quite sure Warhol would be proud. Or the Biggie Smalls silkscreen T-shirt, below. Andy did everyone from Mao to Marilyn… But he definitely didn’t do Biggie. Looking at that T-shirt? Coulda fooled me.


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