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The Adventures of Tintin [film and video]

Given his influence and international appeal, labeling Belgian artist Hergé as a comic artist seems a bit pedestrian and more than a bit unfair. But for lack of a better term, the comic artist that thrilled millions of young readers for decades with the Adventures of Tintin has recently been immortalized in Belgium with a museum of his very own. And now, hardly a year since his museum opened, he’s about to get the full Hollywood treatment.

The Adventures of TintinI’m assuming you caught the names on that poster. Steven Spielberg (producing and directing), Peter Jackson, and a screenplay by Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat among other luminaries… It certainly appears to be a recipe for success. And it perhaps bodes well that Jackson is among those involved in the project: Tintin readers are likely to be nearly as rabid as Tolkien fans, and Jackson’s true-to-the-text treatment seemed to satisfy even the craziest Lord of the Rings fan. (You guys who wasted half your lives learning Elvish? Yeah, I’m talking to you.) Hopefully he can repeat his magic on this project.

Regardless, few pop/comic artists have been as universally influential, or as deserving of this kind of recognition, as Hergé himself. So visit the Tintin site while you’re waiting for the film with appropriately baited breath.

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