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iPhone 4S [iphone]

Well, Apple‘s done it again. While I can’t say I’m overwhelmed (if I hear the word “cloud” one more time from computer manufacturers I think I’ll throw up), the rest of the features they’re touting seem pretty nifty. As for the lack of a new form factor… Meh. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At least until you come up with a better idea. And the current design seems to work quite well. Good looking, too.

As for the rest, a dual-core processor is welcome, as are new optics and an updated version of the iOS. Siri is potentially the most interesting, and potentially disappointing, feature they’ve mentioned. Google’s Android, which already owns far more market share than the iPhone, has featured voice activation for some time. Siri, Apple’s “personal assistant” built into their latest handset, had better be a hell of a lot more impressive in order to stay king of the smartphone mountain… which is a trick the iPhone can manage, even with less market share, by continuing Apple’s tradition of impeccable design, user experience, and the “must have” cache that comes packaged with so may of their products. If Siri performs as advertised, she’ll more than fit that bill.

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