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Fare Thee Well, Steve Jobs [apple computer]

Fare thee well, Mr. Jobs, you will be sorely missed. Though I confess, I’m almost as worried about Apple‘s future as I am about Jobs’ health. The visionary computer, device, and software manufacturer has typically not fared quite so well without its visionary frontman. Think Van Halen without David Lee Roth. Black Sabbath without Ozzy. Or better yet, if your memory stretches back that far, think of Apple’s $13 share price back in the nineties under the administration of then-CEO Gil Amelio, and the dramatic turnaround Jobs implemented upon returning to the company he created.

Perhaps this Tim Cook character will break the trend. Regardless, I shall miss you, Mr. Jobs, your trademark round glasses, blue jeans, and black turtlenecks, your insistence on perfecting the user experience before every product launch (unlike your competitors and predecessors), and the way you’ve changed how we think and compute. But keep one eye on your creation while you enjoy your retirement. If history is a guide, they’ll need your wisdom and guidance.

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