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The Johnny Cash Project [web design]

Beloved by millions around the world. Covered by heavyweights from U2 to Tom Petty. Country music’s original badass, even though his work transcends genre, time, and space. The immortal Man in Black, Johnny Cash, now has a mausoleum of his own on the Web. Click your way over to The Johnny Cash Project for a visual treat, where clean design frames a unique and sophisticated collaborative video art project.

Are you a fan? Register, use the painting tools to create a still frame, contribute it to the ever-growing video for his posthumously released “Ain’t No Grave”, and watch it take its place in the rich, visually stunning quilt of this fan-made video. A graphic designer? Revel in the bold visuals, crisp typography, and clean, dark design. He would have been proud to see how many different, disparate lives he touched during the course of his long and storied career, evidenced by contributions not only from the United States, but from Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many other distant locales. Enjoy šŸ˜‰


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