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Visual Proof That Mariano Rivera is the Best Closer Ever [3D information graphic]

Ah, the Yankees. You either love ’em or hate their rich guts. I remember my father telling me stories about sneaking between planks at the original stadium when he was growing up in the Bronx to see Mickey Mantle, Joe, DiMaggio… But I digress. I have in my possession an infograhic that proves why Yankes’ closing pitcher Mariano Rivera is so damn good at what he does.

Mariano Rivera Pitching

First of all, if I saw that many baseballs coming at me, I’d duck. But again… not the point. Scientists made this rendering Yankee haters! Not some engineering or design student. The square represents the strike zone (obviously), and the individual balls represent their placement as each tracked pitch crossed the mound. And of all the pitchers they tested, his speed and accuracy were second to none.  Go Mo!

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