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Google Body [3d application]

Good LORD, is there anything those Google geeks can’t do? The guys that decided to dominate search, email, mapping, publicly accessible satellite imagery, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and did so virtually overnight, are setting their sites on a number of other applications. In addition to the much ballyhooed Android (meh… you can quote me on that), they are also gunning for previously unassailable position held by the MS Office suite.

But that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here today for Google Body. Holy $#!%. Perhaps a medical practitioner will be less impressed than I am, but as an artist this is an invaluable resource. As a 3D artist, the complexity and level of detail is astounding. And as a Web user, its speed  and efficiency should a model for all Web apps.

Google Body Screenshot

I’m serious: Google Body. Whether you’re a Doctor, an illustrator, or just like good eye candy… You won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Wallerstein’s Personal Site

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