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Tablet Takeover [information design]

Information graphics are everywhere. A time-honored mechanism for high-end periodicals, broadcast news, and other media outlets, the explanatory graphic appears to have come into its own. A unique discipline, and perhaps even an art form unto itself (though more than a few traditional artists will no doubt argue this last point). But what dictates the content of a work of art or design? Content. From the subjects of the Dutch masters, to concept drawings of automobiles and distant star systems, sculptors, impressionists… the one thing that unites the content of their work is this: artfully executed depictions of content and message.

What makes information design, information graphics, any less artful? Take the following imagery analysis of the tablet revolution, its growing popularity, and the projected loss of dominance currently held by the United States.

Just as time has turned many reviled works of art and design from antiquity into classics, so to will the information graphic take its place in the history of art and design. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but as long as we’re waiting… Enjoy.

Andrew Wallerstein’s Personal Site

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