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Industrial Design for Lazy People [industrial design]

Societal studies show that pretty we soon we, as a nation and citizen of this world, are going to have to make do with less. How much less depends on us, but that’s not the point right now. RIght now, the point is that we as a people seem to need more and more. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Apple products and my HDTV. And not to take anything away from some clever inventor lining his or her pockets thanks to stupid, at times stunningly catatonic masses. Ron Popeil started it it, and some of his shit was pretty cool (though can you imagine that spray on hair ever actually working?!?), but a new breed of inventor is making a mint creating simple, effective industrial designs for the extremely lazy.

Can’t wit for a pot of water to boil? Too stupid to measure a serving of pasta? Buy the microwave past boat from that overbearingly annoying would-be chef. And then theres easy feet.

Unless you really, really need this thing… Is washing one’s feet all that hard? What happened to the loofa?

You get the message. Enjoy 😉

Andrew Wallerstein’s Personal Site

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