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Seriously Funny Commercials [advertisement]

Some would say my quest for a good television ad is bound to bear no fruit. That they are nothing more than awful video shorts imbued with subliminal nonsense. More of ten than not, my nay-sayers are quite right. But every now and then there’s a gem or two worth sharing. As I’ve said before, make me laugh and I’ll watch. Amuse me, and I’ll actually make it through to the end of the ad, and maybe, just maybe, remember who or what the ad was actually selling. Enough ads selling the luxury lifestyle during an economic downturn; make fun of the genre instead. Take gym ads for example. I like staying in shape as much as the ext guy, but of all the commercial shorts I’ve seen, nothing sells that industry’s product quite like the one below:

“I lift things up and put them down.” I’m still laughing.

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