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Colon Flow [product naming, commercials]

I’ll keep this brief. Aside form the nature of the product, and the content of its commercial (emphasizing things like the amount of fecal waste stored in the body without normal bowel movements… blech!) it deserves little more than passing attention. However, aside from the generally unpleasant product name in a pharmaceutical industry that seems to pride itself on making up friendly and benign names for otherwise unpleasant products, this one deserves special attention: the product design and naming team obviously failed to do their homework, and have come up with a product name which, aside from being generally repulsive, is remarkably close to a series of skits performed by the late Phil Hartman during his halcyon days at Saturday Night Live.

Colon Flow Commercial

As soon as I can find the Phil Hartman commercial, I’ll post it. So far, no luck. But suffice it to say that it is not only hysterical, and predates the current product, but pokes fun at high-fiber cereals in a way that only he could. Favorite quote “It takes 1 box of Colon Blow cereal to equal the colon evacuating power of THIS MANY boxes of your traditional high-fiber cereal!”

Sorry, the quote will have to do. Trust me, it’s hysterical. And trust me, the Colon Flow crew should’ve done a bit more research before settling on their current monicker. Enjoy 😉

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