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Design and ReDesign Revisited [web design]

As with the example provided below, the redesign process often involves many disciplines that often seem mutually exclusive: providing access to more information while reducing the number of steps or “clicks” required to access it. Graphic design must be seen to have advanced, to be current and in line with the current trends, without overpowering content. And most importantly, all of these things must serve a Web site’s information architecture, even as they do their best to compete with it. News outlets and agencies often suffer from these problems to a far greater degree than your average online brochure or corporate site, given their penchant for flashy graphics and their need to convey their bread and butter: news.

One shining example in this ongoing battle is the latest iteration of PR Newswire’s web site. At once a corporate sales and marketing vehicle and purveyor of world-class business news, it nonetheless manages to maintain a slick, clean appearance, and an incredible degree of legibility through classy, understated graphics, the delicate use of type, and prodigious amounts of white space, allowing the eye to traverse the page with ease. Navigation, too, is clean without being overly simplified.

This one’s a personal favorite of mine, and not just because I was their first Web designer back in the mid 1990’s. Great job guys. Keep up the good work 😉

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