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Opera as BitTorrent Client? [software]

In spite of its legions of fans, Opera has never scored very highly for me when it comes to the “Browser Wars”. Between the extensibility of Mozilla’s Firefox and the speed and elegance of Safari’s new Top Sites window, my choice between those two alone has presented more than its fair share of dilemmas.

My opinion changed this morning when I downloaded a “.torrent” file and double-clicked on it, fully expecting the venerable “Transmission” app to open up and get to work, as it had once installed on my previous Macs. Instead, my new iMac promptly opened Opera (in spite of the fact that Transmission was already installed), and a seamless download ensued, complete with a panel displaying file details, progress bars, and an aggregate download view, not unlike a standard browser’s pop-up “Download” panel.

Not that I am switching to Opera any time soon as my primary or even secondary Web browser. But instead of being relegated to limbo, or worse yet my Mac’s trash can, it now has a very prominent home as my BitTorrent client of choice.

Nice job, guys. Way to take the pain and suffering out of the whole Torrent process! I can only wonder if Mozilla and Apple will follow suit…

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