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New Museums in Belgium for Hergé and Magritte [travel]

Belgium, perhaps most famous for its waffles, cyclists, the beautiful city of Brussels (among other things), has always quietly boasted two towering icons of 20th Century art: Hergé and Magritte.

Most readers are already well ware of René Magritte’s surreal imagery, inspiration as he is to countless artists and designers of ensuing generations. But what of the only slightly lesser known Hergé? His plucky Tintin travelled the world with his dog and alcoholic companion Captain Haddock, giving young and old alike the chance to see places they would likely never have otherwise ventured to. Of course, the fact that Hergé himself never saw most of the locales he described matters little. He took us there just the same, even to the moon years before American feet actually touched that barren rock.

I, for one, intend to make my way to Belgium one of these days to see both of these places as soon as possible! Check out this article from Time Magazine, and book your tickets now 😉

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