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Life With an Android, One Month and Counting

OK, so I’ve been wrong before. Twice with wives (although the second one makes the first look like a walk in the park), several times with Apple products, rarely with politics (though its been known to happen)… And now, thankfully, with the Android OS.

While it is definitely still second fiddle to Apple’s vaunted iPhone, it is a much closer second than I had previously thought, particularly with the new “cupcake” update. As an aside, I love the fact that their update monikers are always named after fatty pastries… Anyhoo, here are recent (and not so recent) developments that have sold me on this burgeoning technology:

Unlike the MacOS, I cant help myself falling in love with this, the LINUX of the smartphone world. Charming, really.

Full Dev Access to ALL Phone Features

When was the alst time you saw a metal detector app on an iPhone? Or one with even remotely “blue” content? For God’s sake I can play Doom on my G1. Wonder why I can’t play it on my iPhone? You guessed it… The content’s a little too raw for the censors in the iTunes store.

Google Integration
For Google app and Google Labs users, this may well be the clincher. Hell, I’ve even started using Google Labs features I’d never before considered just because of the simple and direct integration with the phone itself!

Soft Keyboard

Yes, its finally here. It sucks, more so even than the iPhone’s, but its there. No longer do I have to flip open this bar phone likc a schmuck and start typing away. I can now peck away with my fingertips like an even bigger schmuck. But still. It’s a nice addition.

Video Recorder
Yes, you can use your spare SD card space to store video, much as you can photos. Same built in camera accomplishes both, and the results aren’t half bad. Pretty damn cool.

Themes and Skins
It was nice when Apple let you put up a picture when starting up your iPhone. It was even cooler when Android let you toss up a nifty side-scrolling background behind your entire OS. But with the advent of theming and skinning apps for Android (I favor aHome) you can make your iPhone interface look like anything from a tricorder to an iPhone… Though for proponents of the latter I’d just go out and spring the extra cash for the actual device. One can even augment the paltry three screens of apps with up to seven and one day hopefully more… Fantastic stuff.

And so, while the Google developers may still be light years away from the visionaries at that Cupertino company everyone seems to love to hate… It is still a remarkable piece of engineering, more so every day.

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