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Facebook, the New Front in Cyber War and Agent Recruitment

Eve since the web’s inception, intelligence agencies around the world have been quick (some more than others) to capitalize on the many benefits to be derived from this still-emergent technology. While some have chosen the typical “hack and slash” methodology, still others have the skill and wherewithal to accomplish the most subtle break-ins, the ultimate in plausible deniability.

Take the Chinese for example. Although I am a lifelong New York and a voting Democrat (with few notable exceptions), I confess a certain admiration and appreciation for the incessant Chinese barrage of attempts to (often successfully) penetrate our most sensitive defense installations and our most sensitive computer networks to this very day. In fact, as you read this, one such attack has commenced and is weel under way. Last year along there were hundreds of such attacks, all believed to be traced back to Chinese military cyberwar and intelligence units.

Wake up time. IN twenty years we may be at war with this guys over oil and food, and they’re getting a good head start.

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