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Things I Like: Good Design in a Lousy Economy [needful things]

Want good design and practical functionality in the age of tightening belts and increasing economic woes? Look no further than this smattering of products to keep that keep both your stylish fetish and wallet in check!

The Diplomat Tactical Bailout Bag, $20
For $20 bucks, I have yet to see a bag that even approaches this thing in functionality, durability, user experience, as well as the breadth of situations a bag of third nature is likely to encounter. From the executive requiring a bare modicum of security to more critical concealment, this relatively compact shoulder bag (still able to carry reams of 8.5×11 sheets in its primary document ouch alone) is a virtual carry-all, a true tactical bailout bag. Two field-grade side pockets provide snug closure for two radios or water bottles. Among the more innovative features, not to mention one that will give the casual buyer the most pause, is the integrated Hidden gun pocket with easy access and secret loop panel to secure a semi-automatic handgun holster in place. Adjustable side pockets are ideal for everything from digital cameras to binoculars, headsets, phones,even magazines or speed-loader cartridges for a revolver. The possibilities are endless. Finishing touches on the reverse side include a large loop patch for name, unit, agency, or corporation, two pen pockets, and much more. Best, must rugged, and worthy value I have seen in years, totally fit for the office to back alleys to the the battlespace with style, capacity, and a certain amount of incongruity..

The Smart Turnout Watch Band, $35
Countless variations on a timeless, lightweight, rugged, yet simple design, with both regimental and school colors here in the U.S. and across the pond in the U.K.. Stylish and rugged, they are super-lightweight for rigorous field use, yet distinctive and reliable enough to call themselves at home every day… And don’t forget they are available in tens, even hundred of British regimental and university colors, as well as a few of the most prominent US Universities. Ties, braces, belts, swim turnks, all in the colors of Her Majesty’s men at arms. Good stuff.

Army Navy Surplus Stores

Yes scoff if you like, but I and a few of my friends occasionally sport Jack Bauer square aviators, straight from the racks at their local army navy stores, “no you don’t want to fuck with us” shades, all procured form A/N Surplus stores around NYC, and all below $50. Bags, woolies, hoodies… You’d be surprised what you’d emerge with, both online and form their brick and mortar equivalents. Explore and, of coruse, above all… Enjoy 😉

Ranger Jill

Zahal Military Surplus Store

Regards, and enjoy 😉

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