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Watchmen Visual Techniques [video]

Very cool… Check out this first reel of clips and visual technique from the upcoming film, “Watchmen“…

Of particular note to DataInk readers will be the creation of Billy Crudup’s dorksuit… Erm, correction… That’s lightsuit, which acted both as motion capture vehicle and lighting solution for his fellow thespians. With this method, “Dr. Manhattan” helps to appropriately any actors who come close enough to him providing additional detail for editors and CGI magicians to work with.

Very clever, except Dr. Manhattan used to by my nickname until you came along, Dr, Manhattan, or two… THey are hekping me relax inspite of my obvious worries for the day… Mission accomplished. And, meh… you can keep it for a while, I’m getting a bit old for that sort of thing anyway 😉

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