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Inadvertant iPhone 3G Drop Tests Show Solid Build [iPhone]

There are no two ways about it: I beat the crap out of my technology. Laptops, desktops, mice, tablets, software, iPhones, printers… These things get used in my day to day work with near-alarming regularity. While I am not always pleased with the results, and was fully prepared to deal with true fragility in the 3G iPhone… I’m not ashamed to admit I was dead wrong.

Trust me, not due to anything other than sheer klutziness, my shiny black 3G has seen falls on everything from wood parquet concrete, all from about waist level, only to snap back into action without so much as a reset. Perhaps its the plastic casing (with which, I admit, I was initially displeased), although I had been led to believe by Apple that this was primarily to reduce cost and improve reception.

Whatever the case, 5 falls and counting without so much as a scratch; and all without a skin or case! I’d still use one if you are so inclined (I favor the ruggedized versions from Speck)… I’m just saying the thing is solid given the routine and near-daily abuse it receives 😉

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