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Winning the American Election in Cyberspace, Part II

Well, he did it. In spite of the pundits and right-wing reactionaries, in spite of the elephant in the room (ie. the race card)… Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. Clearly, I couldn;t be happier. But this election serves as a lesson to all who come after him. Between the tools and techniques his team so deftly employed, their prolific use of video (including on outlets traditionally considered frivolous, like YouTube), and a host of other Web-based factors, there is no doubt that his victory in Cyberspace was at least as important as his victories in the electoral college.

How exactly did he do this? Take this couch-potatoe (notice the Dan Quayle spelling), by way of example. I’ll drag my ass out of the house to vote, but in spite of my somewhat rabid, though centrist, political beliefs I have never canvassed for a candidate, or volunteered in any other way. Until the Obama team released their iPhone app, after which there was no stopping me. Interfacing with my contact list, it suggested friends I might want to call to talk about an Obama Presidency; and I am proud to say that using this tool I converted more than one fence-sitter. Want to attend a rally? An election night party? Check the Obama ’08 iPhone app and you’re as good as there.

While the iPhone application serves as but one eample of the myriad of Web resources at his disposal, it nonetheless provided a generation notorious for their disillusionment and lack of activism to get up off their couches (or stay on them for that matter) and actually make a difference.

Bravo. I hope the Republicans remain with their heads buried in the sands for the next 8 years so we can actually get this country back on track 😉

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