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Finding Useful iPhone Apps [iPhone]

Ok, sure… It can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of what’s out there is pure crap. Take “Kenny Rogers’ Poker” or “Pigs-a-Poppin'”… Are we serious? This all reminds me of Homer Simpson’s favorite film “Apes-a-Poppin'”… But this is real life and real people are paying real money for their poppin’ pigs.

Well, I’ve worked out a few simple rules to help y’all find that proverbial needle in said haystack:

Rule #1: Most apps suck. Paid or not, download your apps based on real recommendations, both from users you know and don’t know.

Rule #2: Don’t assume that the better app is the one you have to pay for. I’ve downloaded well over 50 apps for my iPhone, and I think I paid for three of them (Asphalt4 comes highly recommended, btw).

Rule #3: Try to find an RSS feed of new apps that you can view in your favorite reader, or visit the Apple “App Store” regularly to look for new (and typically hidden) gems.

Rule #4: Avoid titles like “Pigs-a-Poppin'”.

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