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Winning the American Election in Cyberspace [video]

A donation of $15 on the internet here get s you a holiday mug; $25 there and you get an Obama/Biden t-shirt. They’ve learned, profited, and been elected in part based on two principle tenets of the Web Experience: 1.) give the people someplace interesting and informative on the Web to visit, and 2.) give them something in return… Even if it costs a paltry $5, $10, or even $25… It all added up to victory.

In addition to to fund-raising, there is an unprecedented use of the Web (YouTube, nonetheless) to get out the president-elect’s message; in this case, with regard to his impressive bipartisan selection for his International Security team…

Let us not forget the most important part of all this: We now have the edge. Those of us on the bleeding-edge of the Web have a greater chance of influencing, and also in turn being influenced, by campaigns like Obama’s. And if the ignorant old guard in the Republican party continues to ignore this new electoral battleground, then they can expect similar outcomes in 2012.

Fine with me… Enjoy 😉

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