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Politics and Winning the New Media Battle

Whether he wins or not, whether it is by a landslide or the slimmest of margins, the fact remains that the Obama campaign has made unprecedented use of advanced media techniques… They have designed a campaign, a brand even. Sure all politicians a re bullshit artists of one ilk or another. But this man’s ability to overcome racial barriers and really connect with people, even those who can’t stand a single plank in his platform is unprecedented…. Particularly in the uncharted regions of Cyberspace. Take a look at the piece that ran on several networks last night:

This isn’t just slick Bubba Clinton biting his lower lip and schmoozing his way into our hearts and minds. This guys is serious about communicating his meticulously crafted message. Love him or hate him, he absolutely dominated the airwaves and cable lines since the Iowas Caucuses. He positively owns the internet. If he can do this, the entire face of politics will have changed, forever. Not because he is necessarily going to bring “Change We Can Believe In”. And not just because we’re electing an Afro-American to be the President of the United States. But because of the way he did it. He even used the Internet to raise the money to fund this incredible media and brand design machine.

Cyberwar has come to politics.

I know how I’m casting my vote. No matter what your preference, I hope you are going to cast yours.

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