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Cyberspace: The New Political Battleground

In the war for hearts and minds in this historic race to the Presidency, it seems that there is a new battleground. He (or she) who can raise the most money and influence the most votes across the vast and boundaryless 51st state that is the Internet… Well, put most simply, they win.

Take the video (above) showing the lighter, friendlier side of Barack Obama and my loong-time favorite Democrat, Joe Biden. Intended to answer the question that John McCain and Sarah Palin pose at every speech and rally “Who IS Barack Obama?”, the video makes use of the most mainstream Web video technology for hosting, distribution, and even playback on the Obama Website: YouTube!

Once you combine this approach with the record-breaking dollars that Obama has been raking in via his web-based donation mechanism, the winner (at least in cyberspace) is clear: Obama by a mile! It should only be such a landslide in the “other ” 50 states… Enjoy 😉

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