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GTD and DIY for Creatives AND the Rest of Us…

Sure, all those nifty iPhone apps will help you with your ToDo lists, note-taking, and all that great stuff. But lets face it… Times are getting tough, belts are tightening, and whether you’re a contract operator or full-time staff, you’re going to have to start doing a lot more on your own without the benefit of outsourcing.

Take the preceding blog entries, for example. Sure, I could have hired someone to whip something up for me, allowing me precious time for paid projects. But like my man Obama says, a leader has to be able to multi-task. Besides, a monkey could figure out iMovie in half an hour. I know one of the most well-respected real estate analysts in New York City. He produces so many reports I can barely wrap my mind around his level of productivity. He’s been doing his own charts for years, and they’re great: solid, clean, and aesthetically pleasing information design… And he has fun with it!

Bottom Line? There’s no excuse for any of us not to be picking up our own weight on whatever project we’re working… Contract or otherwise. Besides, the can-do-DIY type is much less likely to suffer form the effects of “downsizing” than the fool who outsources everything they can to a vendor…

How else are you going to pay for that trip to Bali?

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